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Amped Media is a performance-based Lead Generation Network aimed at offering a better solution to website and web property owners (Publishers) throughout the Internet. We offer several competitive solutions designed to maximize your earnings.

Publishers at Amped Media can expect a dedicated team of professionals focused on your success. Currently, we offer the following products and services:


Active Campaigns
The Amped Media Premium Affiliate Network is available to a select Publisher base. Featuring hundreds of exclusive and owned campaigns, we are always growing to accommodate a more versatile niche base.
Affiliate Network Features
  • Hundreds of quality owned exclusive campaigns.
  • Robust proprietary tracking and reporting technology.
  • Intuitive, auto-optimizing ad serving platform.
  • Dedicated veteran account managers standing by.

AmpedGeo - Intelligent Traffic Redirection

AmpedGeo ensures that your impressions are never wasted. This service is used in any case where a user is not within your specified Geographic Reigon, invalid, or cannot be monetized on your property. AmpedGeo accepts this traffic and shows optimized; high converting offers to squeeze the most revenue possible.

AmpedGeo Features and Benefits
  • Accepts any traffic you are unable to monetize.
  • Auto optimizes to ensure the most revenue per user.
  • Pays on a competitive revenue share.
  • Exclusive campaigns and monetization methods.

AmpedPath - Coreg Monetization Engine

AmpedPath is designed to monetize users who are currently engaged in an incremental process. This system collects and optimizes incoming data to maximize user conversion and progression down the Path. Essentially, Publishers pass users to AmpedPath after a registration process, cart checkout, or any other flow that can be monetized.

AmpedPath Features and Benefits
  • Monetizes users currently engaged in a process.
  • Auto Optimizes data to maximize revenue and progression.
  • Revenue Share or Per Lead payout options.
  • Creative integration and matching.

AmpedWall - Incentive Monetization Wall

AmpedWall is an excellent product designed to increase revenue when users have completed a process. At the end of a process, AmpedWall will provide an incentive to users when they complete additional advertiser offers. Although the incentive varies, publishers earn incremental revenue while providing valuable products or services.

The Wall Features and Benefits
  • Monetizes users after the completion of a process.
  • Optimizes data to increase conversions and revenue.
  • Competitive revenue share.
  • Creative integration and matching.