we really love what we do

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We are Amped Media

We make something very complex, very simple.

Founded in early 2006, Amped Media is a leading performance-based lead generation network aimed at offering an optimized and refined solution for both Publishers and Advertisers. With our continuously evolving approach, we effectively provide a vast audience of buying consumers.

Our focus is to provide a measurable result for our Advertisers while maintaining a premium return for Publishers. Through detailed analytics and intelligent optimization, Advertisers are matched with specific traffic streams that yield the best result. What converts for one advertiser, may not convert for another, but thats for the data to decide.

Meet the Executive Team!they are always up to something good!

Jonathan Gies
Jonathan Gies
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and visionary dedicated to the continued success of Amped and its Partners.

Edward Murray
Edward Murray Jr
Chief Operations Officer

Handles day to day operations of all departments as well as oversees compliance and analysis of statistical data.

Chad Bowman
Chad Bowman
Business Development Officer

Oversees the business development efforts by growing and maintaining strategic relationships.